How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

Considering Laser Vision Correction?  Ask your surgeon these questions.

The decision to have laser vision correction should be made carefully.  You should choose a medical practice that focuses on the safety, advanced diagnostic technology, latest equipment in laser vision correction, and importance of post-operative follow-up care.  Here is a check list to compare.

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Does the surgeon use a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the femtosecond laser is more precise, safer and produces better results that traditional procedures.


Is the surgeon fellowship trained in refractive surgery?

A fellowship training in refractive surgery means that your surgeon has additional training in laser vision correction and is a specialist in laser vision correction.


Does the practice offer the latest technology in laser vision?

Better the technology, better the results.  Advances in laser vision correction provide better, safer results compared to older technology.


Does your surgeon see you personally before and after the procedure?

Surgeon involvement is essential to optimizing your results.  Your surgeon should be involved with not only your pre-op evaluation but your post-op visits as well.


Does your surgeon offer solutions for patients who need reading glasses?

With the right options, there is a solution for variety of vision problems including presbyopia which is the need for reading glasses.


Does the surgeon use advanced technology in evaluating patients for laser vision correction?

A thorough examination by the surgeon is crucial in determining if you are a candidate for laser vision correction.  These evaluations can only be performed with the latest technology.


Does the practice offer multiple choices of laser equipment?

Different lasers provide different results based on your prescription.  Having access to multiple lasers gives you the advantage of having your treatment on the equipment that is ideal for your prescription.