Affordability (Can I Afford Vision Correction?)

One of the main factors for patients determining whether to have laser vision correction is cost.  If you have done your research, you will realize that not all centers are the same.  Some low cost centers may not be using the latest technology. Others might have a non-surgeon do the pre-op and post-op exam.   Think about how important your eyes are to you.  Dr. Boghossian believes in providing the latest technology at the most affordable price.  We are here to make laser vision correction a possibility.  Below are a few options for you.  Please feel free to call

No Money Down and 0% Financing

You can take advantage of our no money down and 0%  interest financing.  To find out if you qualify, contact one of our coordinators or make an appointment to visit us.

Research Study Discounts

We are involved with numerous clinical trials. Patients who choose to participate in a clinical trial qualify for a discount on their procedures. You will be advised if you qualify for any of our studies during your evaluation.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA is a tax-free savings offered by your employer which you can set aside from your paycheck for medical expenses. This flexible spending account can be used to pay for laser vision correction. In many cases, FSA must be used within 12-months or it will be returned to your employer.  Click here to learn more.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Similar to FSA, the health spending account can be used toward refractive surgery. Contact one of our coordinators to find out how you can use your HSA toward vision correction.  Click here to learn more.

VSP and other vision plans

For patients with VSP and other vision plans, this is a great time to consider all the benefits with laser eye vision correction at Boghossian Vision. Patients who have vision plans might qualify for special pricing on custom All-Laser LASIK at Boghossian Vision.

Cost of Owning Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

Vision correction is an investment and in some cases can pay for itself.  Here is a cost comparison for glasses and contact lenses over a 15 year period. Can you afford not to have laser vision correction?