Don Bleu

You’ve Been “Bleupered” in the Morning

I am sure you’ve heard the rumors… Is Boghossian Vision really Don Bleu’s eye doctor? Well this time he isn’t bleupering you. It is true!

Starting this month wake up with Star 101.3’s most loved morning show radio host, Don Bleu, and listen for his personal Boghossian Vision endorsement. Boghossian Vision feels so honored to be working with such an iconic member of bay area radio and such a successful radio station.

If you listen to Don Bleu in the morning on your drive or at work, let us know if you’ve heard our commercials by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page. Or mention Don Bleu when you come in for your complimentary LASIK evaluation with Dr. Allen Boghossian.

We look forward to hearing from you!