Near Vision

What is Presbyopia?

One of the most common complaints of people over the age of 40 is experiencing the onset of presbyopia, or more commonly known as the need for reading glasses.  If you find yourself needing reading glasses more and more, you are not alone.  Everyone experiences this over the age of 40, regardless of how good their prior vision was.

As we age, the lens of our eye becomes more rigid, and therefore cannot flex as well as before. This results in the all-too-common ‘squinting,’ and arm lengthening needed to focus on objects up close. Eventually, you will need reading glasses to see these items clearly.

At Boghossian Vision, we work hard to decrease your dependency on reading glasses by offering different treatment options including blended vision.

Blended Vision

Blended vision is a good option for patients with presbyopia.  In blended vision, the dominant eye is set for distance and the non-dominant eye is set for intermediate distance. This provides a blend between close reading and distance vision so that the range of clear vision achieved by the distance and near eye overlap. People adjust more easily to blended vision than monovision. Blended vision provides functional everyday vision and is ideal for patients looking to maintain an active lifestyle without reading glasses. The choice of blended vision is dependent on your age, needs, hobbies and profession.  Dr. Boghossian will help you decide if blended vision is this the right choice for you.