Advanced Vision Analysis

Advanced Vision Analysis

At Boghossian Vision, every new patient undergoes a unique evaluation called an Advanced Vision Analysis. This comprehensive examination is more than just a traditional eye exam. It is designed to assess the overall health of your eyes, as well as to identify conditions that might affect your vision in the future. This analysis help us identify which procedure will provide the best vision for you for the long term.

In addition to determining your prescription, Advanced Vision Analysis helps us identify:

1. Signs of glaucoma
2. Macular degeneration
3. Early cataract formation
4. Retinal tears or holes
5. Corneal disorders
6. Dry eye signs
7. Amblyopia (lazy eye)
8. Strabismus (misalignment of the eye)
9. Overall health of your eyes
10. Candidacy for laser vision correction

At the conclusion of your examination, Dr. Boghossian will share with you an in-depth digital view of your eyes and will spend the time to explain what the evaluation revealed.  He will then make the appropriate recommendation for treatment, nutritional changes, or vision correction.

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